Ohio Performance Team

Audits in Progress Updated October 2020

Municipal Government and Services

Bellefontaine Feasibility Study - Dispatch Consolidation (Fall 2020)

College Township Fire District Feasibility Study (Winter 2020-21)

Crawford County Landfill Operations (Winter 2020-21)

City of Lorain Water and Sewer (Winter 2020-21)

School Districts

Fairport Harbor Exempted Village School District (Fall/Winter 2020)

Delphos Local School District (Fall/Winter 2020)

Ripley Union Lewis Huntington Local School District Facilities Study (Fall/Winter 2020)

State Agencies

Ohio Department of Education (Fall 2020)

Ohio Department of Transportation Phase 2 (Fall/Winter 2020)

Ohio Department of Public Safety (Winter 2021)

Special Projects and Reports

COVID-19 Data Integrity (Winter 2021)

Unemployment Compensation Program Management (Winter 2021)