Taylor Releases Belmont Co. Board of Health Audit

$122,000 in Overtime Pay Not Properly Documented

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Belmont County -

State Auditor Mary Taylor released an audit of the Belmont County District Board of Health today questioning more than $122,000 in federal grant spending.

The annual single audit cites the county for not providing proper documentation for 227 hours of overtime pay worth $122,005 relating to a grant from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. A stipulation in the grant requires employees who perform work for multiple grants submit a detailed personnel activity report. Taylor is not alleging any illegal activity took place.

“Federal grants enable local health boards to provide important services and care to area residents,” Taylor said. “It is crucial that this money is properly accounted for by the health board to ensure that the money is spent wisely and in the best interest of its citizens.”

Taylor recommends the county properly document and account for hours spent performing functions related to the grant.

The audit also cited the health board for improperly classifying $54,450 in cash advances in the county’s salary account. Auditors recommend the county should receive the approval of the tax commissioner or the common pleas court for transfers as required by Ohio law. 

The Ohio Auditor of State’s Office is one of the largest accounting offices in the nation.  The office strives to ensure that all public funds are spent legally and appropriately and works aggressively to root out fraud, waste and abuse in public spending. Taylor encourages anyone suspecting fraud or misspending of public dollars to contact her office toll free at 1-866-FRAUD-OH (1-866-372-8364).

A copy of the full audit is available online at http://www.auditor.state.oh.us/AuditSearch/Reports/2007/District_Board_of_Health_05_Belmont.pdf