Auditor Taylor Statement on Passage of Internal Auditing Legislation

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Columbus -

The following statement may be attributed to Auditor of State Mary Taylor regarding the Ohio House of Representatives passage of House Bill 166 (Schindel).

“In my role as a public servant for the citizens of Ohio, I am proud to support this comprehensive plan to establish independent oversight, accountability and transparency in the way state government spends tax dollars. 

As a state representative, I began this effort to restore the public’s trust and confidence in state government. I commend the legislature for recognizing the need for a new model for improved oversight of financial accountability in state government that answers directly to Ohioans.

Ohioans cannot afford to foot the bill for another BWC-type scandal that continues to cost taxpayers millions of dollars. An independent state audit committee consisting of qualified professionals, coupled with a systematic review of agency internal controls improves the integrity of financial reporting and helps prevent the potential for fraud, waste and abuse of tax dollars.

Above all, this legislation calls for full disclosure and transparency of state agency internal audit reports by establishing a clear timeframe for public release and distribution. It’s what Ohio’s taxpayers demand and it’s what Ohio’s taxpayers must get.

This legislation is a critical step necessary to establish a strong system of oversight to prevent another BWC-type scandal in state government.”