Taylor Announces Special Audit Investigation of Attorney General’s Office

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Columbus -

Auditor of State Mary Taylor today announced that her office is initiating a special audit investigation of allegations of financial improprieties at the Ohio Attorney General’s office.

“The allegations of misspending and other wrongdoing at the Attorney General’s office warrant elevating our review to a special audit,” Taylor said.  “I take the allegations of the potential misuse of public funds very seriously. The highly trained special audit investigators on my staff will thoroughly examine the potential misspending of public tax dollars at the Attorney General’s office and report the findings to the public once the investigation is complete.”

In a letter to newly appointed Ohio Attorney General Nancy Hardin Rogers, Taylor indicates that allegations of the misuse of public funds have surfaced at the office. The allegations involving certain activities and financial transactions were reviewed by Auditor of State Taylor’s Special Audit Taskforce and a determination was made that a special audit investigation is warranted.

The letter also reveals that, in addition to the special audit, the Auditor of State’s office will continue to assist the Ohio Inspector General and other outside agencies involved in the ongoing investigation of the Attorney General’s office.

No additional information regarding the special audit is available while the audit is ongoing.