Taylor Investigating Possible Theft in Stark County Treasurer’s Office

State Auditors Identify Financial Irregularities During Routine Financial Audit

Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Stark County -

Auditor of State Mary Taylor today announced that she is initiating a special audit of the Stark County Treasurer’s office. Employees of the Auditor of State’s office identified serious concerns when auditing financial documents during the county’s routine annual financial audit.

“We have identified financial irregularities and potential fraud within the Stark County Treasurer’s office and will assemble our team of forensic auditors and special investigators to begin the special audit,” Taylor said. “Our team of investigators will work with county officials and local law enforcement to conduct a thorough review of the facts and circumstances related to our findings and will release all related information to the public when the time is appropriate.”

A special audit targets a specific area of an organization and is initiated to review specific allegations of fraud or theft.

Taylor is unable to speculate on when the investigation will be complete. Timeframes for special audit investigations vary greatly depending on the unique circumstances of the scope of the special audit and the nature of the allegations.

No additional information is available while the investigation is ongoing.