Taylor: Audit Reveals More Than $85,000 Misspent

Library Employees receive improper reimbursements, overpayments

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Tuscarawas County - Auditor of State Mary Taylor today released the special audit of the Claymont Public Library in Uhrichsville for the years 2005 through 2008. The audit shows Michelle Haff, library clerk treasurer, and her husband, library custodian Robert Haff, took a total of $84,980 in payroll overpayments, unsupported reimbursements, and improper credit card usage. Ms. Haff also failed to deposit $1,775 into the library checking account for payments made to the library.

“Individuals who abuse the public’s trust must be held accountable for their actions,” Taylor said. “My office is committed to identifying the source and preventing further waste of taxpayer money.”

As the clerk treasurer for Claymont Public Library, Ms. Haff was responsible for monitoring compliance with the library credit card policy. During the audit period, she charged more than $60,000 to library credit cards without proper supporting documentation. These purchases were deemed to be unrelated to the operations of the library. Additionally during the audit period, her husband charged $126 to a library credit card for purchases not related to library operations.

Ms. Haff was also responsible for preparing disbursements and maintaining support for the library’s expenditures. However, she received payments totaling more than $12,000 for unsupported expenses including travel reimbursements where there was no confirmed training attended or legitimate library related reason for the travel. Also during the audit period, Ms. Haff’s husband was paid nearly $4,000 for unsupported expenses.

Lastly, Ms. Haff was responsible for preparing and issuing payroll checks to all library employees. Ms. Haff overpaid herself by $5,308. She also overpaid her husband by $110 during the audit period.

The Auditor of State’s Office has referred this issue to the county prosecutor for further investigation.

A full copy of the audit is available online.


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