eServices Information

The Auditor of State’s office now allows clients to access payment transactions, billing statements and contact information at any time!

About eServices

Eservices is an online customer website that provides up-to-the-minute information regarding your Auditor of State’s customer account.

Eservices allows you to:

  • access, review and print a current billing statement
  • access an archive of past billing statements since September 2009
  • access to view posted entity payment transactions (checks)
  • request a change in customer account information, including e-mail and postal address, telephone number and authorized contact
  • access Hinkle Annual Financial Data Reporting System (Hinkle System) filing links and filings
  • access your entity’s Financial Health Indicators (FHI) reports (cities and counties only)
  • access your entity’s released audit reports
  • access independent accounting firm (IPA) contract modifications and invoices, if applicable