Open Government Unit Certified Public Records Trainings

9/22/2020 - Mid- Ohio Educational Service Center

This training program is in accordance with Ohio Revised Code 149.43(E)(1), which requires Public Records Law training for all elected officials and/or their appropriate designees. The program will examine in-depth the responsibilities of elected officials and public offices, along with a review of the rights of the public records requester. The Public Records Act, Open Meetings Act, and Records Retention laws will be discussed, including but not limited to (1) new changes in the law, (2) key definitions, exemptions, practical compliance with a public records requests, and (3) the remedies and penalties that may be imposed upon a public office for failure to comply. A certificate will be given at the completion of the training program to document compliance with training requirement.

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Click here for more information about compliance with public records training in Auditor of State Bulletin 2007-014

**Certification of attendance will be provided upon request, for the Ohio State Bar Association Paralegal Certification Program**