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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:North Central Ohio Regional Council of Governments
Date Formed:2/23/2012
Purpose:Other: Educational and Government Shared Services
Service Explanation:NCORcog is a regional source for shared services. We provide IT services, shared services, grant writing, cooperative purchasing, and other needs determined by our members. "Beyond Boundaries"
Objective Statement:Monthly board meetings and collaborative project meetings
First Name:Lynette
Last Name:Cameron
Address:928 W Market St, Suite A
 File Name
View DocNCORcog CODE of REGULATIONS updated 6.21.12.docx
Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
North Central Ohio Educational Service CenterNorth Central AcademySeneca County, OhioSeneca East Local School DistrictVillage of New Riegel, OhioCarey Exempted Village School DistrictCity of Marion, OhioCity of Tiffin, OhioClinton Township, Seneca County, OhioMarion County, OhioTiffin City School District
OfficerJohn Davoli
OfficerLynette Cameron
Board MemberDr. James Lahoski
Board MemberLarry Bouillon
Board MemberDonald Coletta
Board MemberDr. Larry Cook
Board MemberJames Distel
Board MemberBrenda Luhring
Board MemberAaron Montz
Board MemberBenjamin Nutter
Board MemberMichael Wank
Board MemberRhonda Feasel
Donations: $0.00      Membership Fees: $0.00
Assessments: $0.00      Event Registrations: $0.00
Add-On Fees: $0.00      Percentage of Revenue: $0.00
Matching Funds: $0.00      Grants: $0.00
Taxes $0.00      Other: $0.00
Personnel: $0.00      Fringe Benefits: $0.00
Travel: $0.00      Meetings: $0.00
Professional Development: $0.00      Rent: $0.00
Contract Services: $0.00      Printing: $0.00
Office Supplies: $0.00      Office Equipment: $0.00
Postage: $0.00      Pro Services: $0.00
Insurance: $0.00      Dues: $0.00
Phone: $0.00      Advertising: $0.00
Publications/Subscriptions: $0.00      Depreciation: $0.00
Training/Seminars: $0.00      Other: $0.00