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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:Lien Forward Ohio Regional Council of Governments
Date Formed:1/20/2006
Purpose:Other: Property reutilization
Service Explanation:Lien Forward Ohio (LFO) provides services to Mahoning County residents, businesses, churches & property owners. Services provided included legal assistance for property acquisition. Property must qualify for a tax lien forewclousre.
Objective Statement:LFO offers reduced atorney fees & processes tax lien foreclosures for applicants.
First Name:Debora
Last Name:Flora
Address:20 W. Federal St. Suite M5-A
 File Name
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Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
Mahoning CountyCity of Youngstown
OfficerDaniel R Yemma
OfficerJohn McNally
OfficerJohn R. Swierz
Board MemberC. Sammarone or his designee
Donations: $9,338.00      Membership Fees: $0.00
Assessments: $0.00      Event Registrations: $0.00
Add-On Fees: $0.00      Percentage of Revenue: $0.00
Matching Funds: $0.00      Grants: $30,710.00
Taxes $0.00      Other: $414,940.00
Personnel: $193,425.00      Fringe Benefits: $107,772.00
Travel: $0.00      Meetings: $10.00
Professional Development: $0.00      Rent: $9,907.00
Contract Services: $0.00      Printing: $0.00
Office Supplies: $1,076.00      Office Equipment: $1,680.00
Postage: $653.00      Pro Services: $12,640.00
Insurance: $375.00      Dues: $0.00
Phone: $3,730.00      Advertising: $0.00
Publications/Subscriptions: $636.00      Depreciation: $2,855.00
Training/Seminars: $912.00      Other: $127,238.00