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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:North East Ohio Management Information Network "NEOMIN"
Date Formed:7/1/2022
Service Explanation:
Objective Statement:
First Name:Vickie
Last Name:Browning-Prowitt
Address:528 Educational Hwy
 File Name
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Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
Ashtabuala Area City SchoolsAshtabula County Educational Service CenterAshtabula Technical & Career CenterBloomfield-Mespo Local SchoolsBristol Local SchoolsBrookfield Local SchoolsBuckeye Local SchoolsChampion Local SchoolsConneaut Area City SchoolsGeneva Area City SchoolsGirard City SchoolsGrand Valley Local SchoolsHowland Local SchoolsHubbard Exempted Village SchoolsJefferson Area Local SchoolsJoseph Badger Local SchoolsLaBrae Local SchoolsLakeview Local SchoolsLiberty Local SchoolsLordstown Local SchoolsMaplewood Local SchoolsMathews Local SchoolsMcDonald Local SchoolsNewton Falls Exempted Village SchoolsNiles City SchoolsPymatuning Valley Local SchoolsSouthington Local SchoolsTrumbull Career & Technical CenterTrumbull County Educational Service CenterWarren City SchoolsWeathersfield Local Schools
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Assessments:      Event Registrations:
Add-On Fees:      Percentage of Revenue:
Matching Funds:      Grants:
Taxes      Other:
Personnel:      Fringe Benefits:
Travel:      Meetings:
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Contract Services:      Printing:
Office Supplies:      Office Equipment:
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