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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:West Central Ohio Network
Date Formed:10/11/1990
Purpose:Other: fiscal/technical supports
Service Explanation:Fiscal and programmatic services for member County Boards of Developmental Disabilites.
Objective Statement:We accomplish our objectives and mission by providing on-going assistance to County Board of DD support staff
First Name:Michael
Last Name:Halpin
Address:P.O. Box 379
 File Name
View Doc2009 WestCON by laws edited.pdf
Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
Auglaize County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesDarke County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesHardin County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesLogan County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesMercer County Board of Developmental DisablitiesMiami County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesPreble County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesShelby County Board of Developmental DisabilitiesUnion County Board of Developmental Disabilities
OfficerDiane Knupp
OfficerAlvin Willis
OfficerMichael Beasecker
OfficerMark Kieffer
Board MemberSaul Bauer
Board MemberMike Overman
Board MemberKaren Mayer
Board MemberLaura Zuriech
Board MemberKim Miller
Donations: $0.00      Membership Fees: $0.00
Assessments: $0.00      Event Registrations: $8,634.00
Add-On Fees: $131,720.00      Percentage of Revenue: $40,159.00
Matching Funds: $0.00      Grants: $13,000.00
Taxes $0.00      Other: $1,580,768.00
Personnel: $432,949.00      Fringe Benefits: $148,382.00
Travel: $24,941.00      Meetings: $0.00
Professional Development: $0.00      Rent: $16,526.00
Contract Services: $0.00      Printing: $0.00
Office Supplies: $12,699.00      Office Equipment: $0.00
Postage: $2,592.00      Pro Services: $41,838.00
Insurance: $1,733.00      Dues: $1,410.00
Phone: $7,304.00      Advertising: $390.00
Publications/Subscriptions: $0.00      Depreciation: $0.00
Training/Seminars: $6,963.00      Other: $93,386.00