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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:Northeast Ohio Four County Regional Planning and Development Organization (
Date Formed:5/24/1974
Purpose:General Government Administration 
Service Explanation:Regional environmental and economic development planning services.
Objective Statement:Through communication with our county and local government officials we address their needs by writing annual work programs to position them to better understand or justify the problem; and to qualify them to receive state and federal funding to ameliorate or address the problem, issue, or opportunity.
First Name:Joseph
Last Name:Hadley Jr.
Address:180 E South St
 File Name
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Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
Portage CountyStark CountySummit CountyWayne CountyCity of AkronCity of CantonCity of KentCity of Wooster
OfficerTodd Peetz, Richard Regula, Craig Stanley, Thomas
Board MemberJames Demboski, Jeff Lonzrick, Tommie Jo Marsilio,
Board MemberAlan Brukaber, Don Gallimore, William Judge, John
Donations: $0.00      Membership Fees: $198,883.00
Assessments: $0.00      Event Registrations: $0.00
Add-On Fees: $0.00      Percentage of Revenue: $0.00
Matching Funds: $0.00      Grants: $309,709.00
Taxes $0.00      Other: $218.00
Personnel: $261,848.00      Fringe Benefits: $88,418.00
Travel: $4,469.00      Meetings: $290.00
Professional Development: $0.00      Rent: $30,122.00
Contract Services: $6,790.00      Printing: $202.00
Office Supplies: $1,656.00      Office Equipment: $3,090.00
Postage: $1,633.00      Pro Services: $2,739.00
Insurance: $2,342.00      Dues: $3,335.00
Phone: $2,566.00      Advertising: $163.00
Publications/Subscriptions: $3,596.00      Depreciation: $0.00
Training/Seminars: $0.00      Other: $2,238.00