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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:Coalition for Fiscal Fairness in Ohio
Date Formed:4/15/2009
Service Explanation:Services provided by the Coalition for Fiscal Fairness in Ohio include but are not limited to: (1) documenting the fiscal and/or operational impact of eliminating tangible personal property taxes from Ohio school districts without a permanent funding replacement plan; (2) developing long-term policies, reforms, solutions and/or strategies for permanently replacing the loss of tangible personal property taxes to school districts; (3) working to increase the awareness of the Coalition's position among the public, other educators, and the Ohio General Assembly; (4) Participating in legal processes that directly impact the elimination of tangible personal property taxes from school districts; and (5) working collaboratively and cooperatively with other organizations regarding any legislative or regulatory initiative that might affect the efficiency and effectiveness of Ohio's schools or detrimentally affect Coalition member school districts.
Objective Statement:The objective of the Coalition for Fiscal Fairness in Ohio is to educate the public and advocate for adequate levels of school district funding, particularly in relation to the elimination of the personal property tax, by providing services such as those described above.
First Name:Beth
Last Name:Weber
Address:4881 Cooper Road
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