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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:Ohio-Kentucky-Indiana Regional Council of Governments
Date Formed:7/1/1974
Purpose:Other: OKI primarily provides transportation and land use planning and infrastructure and transit project funding
Service Explanation:OKI provides transportation, transit and land use planning; transportation infrastructure and transit project funding; congestion, rideshare, air and water quality management; public outreach; and geographic information system services to nearly 200 communities in the Ohio counties of Butler, Clermont, Hamilton and Warren; Kentucky counties of Boone, Campbell and Kenton; and Dearborn County Indiana.
Objective Statement:OKI works closely with the general public, federal, state, county and local departments and transit agencies and industry professionals in accomplishing multimodal processes for planning and project funding for the eight counties in three states under its responsibility
First Name:Mark
Last Name:Policiniski
Address:720 East Pete Rose Way, Suite 420
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Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
City of Blue AshCity of BellvueWarren County Board of CommissionersKenton County Fisca CourtCity of readingCity of EdgewoodCity of FairfieldVillage of Indian HillSparta TownshipCity of Taylor MillCity of OxfordCity of DaytonClermont County Planning CommissionCity of MaderiaMr. William BrayshawBoone County Planning CommissionCity of FlorenceCity of HamiltonPort of Greater Cincinnati Development AuthorityCity of Forest ParkCity of ErlangerTransit Authority of Northern KentuckyButler County Board of CommissionersCity of LawrenceburgCity of CovingtonWilliamsburg Township Board of TrusteesCity of CheviotHonerable Courtney E. CombsMr. Keith N. CormanCity of MasonCity of Mt. HealthyCity of LebanonButler County Board of CommissionersButler County Department of DevelopmentCity of NewportSouthwest Ohio Regional Transit AuthorityDowntown Cincinnati IncorporatedNorthern Kentucky Area Planning CommissionCity of CincinnatiCity of North College HillGreater Cincinnati Commercial GroupCity of ElsmereKentucky Transportation Cabinet - District 6City of AlexandriaHamilton County Board of CommissionersCity of AuroraCity of MilfordCity of FairfieldHamilton County Engineers OfficeDearborn County Board of CommissionersKenton County Planning CommissionClermont County Board of CommissionersHonerable Eric H. KearneyCity of NorwoodCampbell County Fiscal CourtCity of SpringdaleCity of MiddletownCity of Taylor MillWest Chester Township Board of TrusteesGreen TownshipCity of SharonvilleClermont County EngineerCity of Villa HillsOhio Department of Transportation - District 8Liberty Township Board of TrusteesMr. Larry MaxeyDearborn County Plan CommissionUnion TownshipKenton County Airport BoardCity of Highland HeightsCity of TrentonHamilton County Board of CommissionersBoone County Fiscal CourtCity of MiddletownCincinnati Public SchoolsCity of Ft. WrightCity of WyomingMr. Dave OkumCampbell County Fiscal CourtCity of Ft. ThomasMr. Mark R. Policinski, Secretary (OKI Executive Director)Hamilton County Board of CommissionersCity of Deer ParkClermont County Board of CommissionersCity ofCity of CincinnatiCampbell County Fiscal CourtMr. Kenneth F.Reed, TreasurerCity of IndependenceAnderson Township Board of TrusteesColerain TownshipDearborn County Chamber of CommerceCity of MonroeGreater Cincinnati and N KY African ACCWarren County Association of Township Trustees and ClerksHonerable Sal SantoroMiami TownshipCity of HarrisonOhio Commission on Hispanic/Latino AffairsCity of HamiltonWarren County Board of CommissionersN KY Chamber of CommerceCity of Cold SpringCity of MontgomeryWarren County EngineerIndiana Department of Transportation Seymour District PlanningCincinnati USA Regional ChamberMr. Thomas VossBoone County Fiscal CourtSycamore TownshipCity of Ft. MitchellButler County EngineerCity of FairfieldWarren County Regional Planning CommissionWarren County Board of CommissionersCity of Loveland
OfficerMr. Edwin H. Humphrey, Clermont County Board of Co
OfficerMr. Todd B. Portune, Hamilton County Board of Comm
OfficerHon. Steve Arlinghaus, Kenton County Fiscal Court,
OfficerMr. Kenneth F. Reed, Treasurer
OfficerMr. Mark R. Policinski, OKI, Secretary
Board MemberMr. Thomas C. Adamec, City of Blue Ash
Board MemberMs. Kathy Almoslechner, City of Bellvue
Board MemberMr. Tom Ariss, Warren County Board of Comm.
Board MemberMr. Robert Ashbrock, City of Reading
Board MemberMs. Nancy Atkinson, City of Edgewood
Board MemberMr. Timothy Bachman, City of Fairfield
Board MemberMrs. Molly Barber, Village of Indian Hill
Board MemberMr. Craig Beckley, Sparta Township
Board MemberHon. Dan Bell, City of Taylor Mill
Board MemberMr. Kenneth H. Bogard, City of Oxford
Board MemberMr. Virgil Boruske, City of Dayton, KY
Board MemberMr. Dwayne Boso, RA, Clermont County Planning Comm
Board MemberMr. Rick Brasington, City of Maderia
Board MemberMr. William Brayshaw, Engineer
Board MemberMr. Greg Breetz, PE PLS, Boone County Planning Com
Board MemberMr. Larry Brown, City of Florence
Board MemberMr. Robert M. Brown, City of Hamilton
Board MemberMs. Laura Brunner, Port of Gr. Cincinnati Dev. Aut
Board MemberMr. Wynndel Burns, City of Forest Park
Board MemberMr. Thomas Cahill, City of Erlanger
Board MemberMr. Bryan Carlisle, TANK Board of Directors
Board MemberMiss Cindy Carpenter, Butler County Board of Comm.
Board MemberHon. Dennis Carr, City of Lawrenceburg
Board MemberMs. Sherry Carran, City of Covington
Board MemberMr. Gregory W. Carson, Williamsburg Township Board
Board MemberMr. William H. Clark, III, City of Cheviot
Board MemberHon. Courtney E. Combs, State Representative
Board MemberMr. Keith N. Corman
Board MemberMr. Rich Cox, City of Mason
Board MemberMr. Donald L. Crank, City of Mt. Healthy
Board MemberMr. James A. Dearie, City of Lebanon
Board MemberMr. Edward D. Diller, Partner, Taft, Stettinius &
Board MemberMr. Don Dixon, Butler County Board of Comm.
Board MemberMr. David C. Fehr, Butler County Dept. of Dev.
Board MemberMs. Beth Fennell, City of Newport
Board MemberMs. Terry Garcia Crews, SORTA
Board MemberMr. David Ginsburg, Downtown Cincinnati Inc.
Board MemberMr. Dennis Andrew Gordon, Northern Kentucky Area P
Board MemberMr. Charles Graves, City of North College Hill
Board MemberMr. Charles Graves, City of Cincinnati
Board MemberMr. Thomas H. Graves, City of North College Hill
Board MemberMr. Ralph B. Grieme, Jr., Greater Cincinnati Comme
Board MemberMs. Gloria Grubbs, City of Elsmere
Board MemberMr. Robert Hans, PE, KYTC - District 6
Board MemberMr. W. David Hart, City of Alexandria
Board MemberMr. Greg Hartmann, Hamilton County Board of Comm.
Board MemberHon. Donnie W. Hastings, Jr., City of Aurora
Board MemberMs. Charlene Hinners, City of Milford
Board MemberMr. Jeffrey L. Holtegel, City of Fairfield
Board MemberMr. Ted Hubbard, PE, PS, Hamilton County Engineers
Board MemberMr. Jeff L. Hughes, Dearborn County Board of Comm.
Board MemberMr. Marc Hult, Kenton County Planning Comm.
Board MemberHon. Eric H. Kearney, Ohio State Senator
Board MemberMr. Ted Kiser, City of Norwood
Board MemberMr. Peter J. Klear, AICP, Campbell County Fiscal C
Board MemberMr. Edward F. Knox, City of Springdale
Board MemberMr. Martin Kohler, City of Middletown
Board MemberMr. Ed Kuehne, City of Taylor Mill
Board MemberMr. George F. Lang, West Chester Township Board of
Board MemberMr. David Linneberg, Green Township
Board MemberHon. Virgil Lovitt, II, City of Sharonville
Board MemberMr. Patrick J. Manger, PE, PS, Clermont County Eng
Board MemberHon. Mike Martin, City of Villa Hills
Board MemberMr. Steve Mary, PE, ODOT - District 8
Board MemberMs. Christine L. Matacic, Liberty Township Board o
Board MemberMr. Larry Maxey, Chamber Member
Board MemberMr. Mark McCormack, Dearborn County Plan. Commissi
Board MemberMr. Robert K. McGee, Union Township
Board MemberMs. Candace S. McGraw, Kenton County Airport Board
Board MemberHon. Gregory V. Meyers, City of Highland Heights
Board MemberMr. Richard Miller, City of Trenton
Board MemberMr. Chris Monzel, Hamilton County Board of Comm.
Board MemberHon. Gary W. Moore, Boone County Fiscal Court
Board MemberHon. Lawrence P. Mulligan, Jr., City of Middletown
Board MemberMs. Pamela E. Mullins, Cincinnati Public Schools
Board MemberMr. Joseph Nienaber, Jr., City of Middletown
Board MemberMr. Joseph Nienaber, Jr., City of Ft. Wright
Board MemberMr. Jim O'Reilly, City of Wyoming
Board MemberMr. David Okum
Board MemberHon. Steve Pendery, Campbell County Fiscal Court
Board MemberMr. Roger Peterman, City of Ft. Thomas
Board MemberMr. Tony Proctor, City of Deer Park
Board MemberMr. Bob Proud, Clermont County Board of Comm.
Board MemberMs. Roxanne Qualls, City of Cincinnati
Board MemberMr. Kenneth L. Rechtin, Campbell County Fiscal Cou
Board MemberMr. Christopher Reinersman, City of Independence
Board MemberMs. Peggy D. Reis, Anderson Township Board of Trus
Board MemberMs. Melinda Rinehart, Colerain Township
Board MemberMr. Michael Rozow, Jr., Dearborn County Chamber of
Board MemberMs. Suzi Rubin, City of Monroe
Board MemberMr. Sean Rugless, Greater Cincinnati & NKY African
Board MemberMr. Jonathan D. Sams, Warren Co. Assoc. of Townshi
Board MemberHon. Sal Santoro, Representative Commonwealth of K
Board MemberMr. Karl B. Schultz, Miami Township
Board MemberMr. Randy Shank, City of Harrison
Board MemberMr. V. Anthony Simms-Howell, Ohio Comm. on Hispani
Board MemberMr. Joshua Smith, City of Hamilton
Board MemberMs. Pat
Board MemberMs. Pat Arnold South, Warren County Board of Comm.
Board MemberMr. Steve Stevens, NKY Chamber of Commerce
Board MemberHon. Mark Stoeber, City of Cold Spring
Board MemberHon. Ken Suer, City of Montgomery
Board MemberMr. Neil Tunison, Warren County Engineer
Board MemberMr. James Ude, INDOT Seymour District Planning
Board MemberMs. Ellen Van der Horst, Cincinnati USA Regional C
Board MemberMr. Thomas Voss, resident
Board MemberMr. Charlie Walton, Boone County Fiscal Court
Board MemberMr. Thomas Weidman, Sycamore Township
Board MemberHon. Christopher Wiest, City of Ft. Mitchell
Board MemberMr. Gregory J. Wilkens, PE PS, Butler County Engin
Board MemberMr. Brad Williams, City of Fairfield
Board MemberMr. Stan C. Williams, AICP, Warren County Regional
Board MemberMr. David G. Young, Warren County Board of Commiss
Board MemberMr. Brenton Zuch, City of Loveland
Donations: $300.00      Membership Fees: $659,826.00
Assessments: $0.00      Event Registrations: $8,430.00
Add-On Fees: $0.00      Percentage of Revenue: $0.00
Matching Funds: $633,506.00      Grants: $4,374,574.00
Taxes $0.00      Other: $3,533.00
Personnel: $2,402,217.00      Fringe Benefits: $994,976.00
Travel: $19,520.00      Meetings: $1,080.00
Professional Development: $55,807.00      Rent: $450,171.00
Contract Services: $423,503.00      Printing: $2,834.00
Office Supplies: $29,234.00      Office Equipment: $940.00
Postage: $3,206.00      Pro Services: $69,806.00
Insurance: $26,284.00      Dues: $22,413.00
Phone: $13,116.00      Advertising: $406,270.00
Publications/Subscriptions: $1,085.00      Depreciation: $41,617.00
Training/Seminars: $0.00      Other: $711,545.00