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COG Contact Person Governance/By-Laws Document
Name:Ohio Public Health Pool
Date Formed:1/1/2008
Purpose:Health and Human Services 
Service Explanation:Aministration of employee medical & RX plans
Objective Statement:Pooling together for volume buying of medical and RX insurance
First Name:Kim
Last Name:Hartinger
Address:176 Rustic Dr
 File Name
View Docophpbylaws2012.pdf
Participating Organizations Members Revenue Operating Expenses
Clinton Metro Housing AuthorityCoshocton Metro Housing AuthorityDelaware County Metro Housing AuthorityHocking Metro Housing AuthorityKnox Metro Housing AuthorityLake County Metro Housing AuthorityLogan County Metro Housing AuthorityLondon Metro Housing AuthorityVillage of MillersportPerry Metro Housing AuthorityPortsmouth Metro Housing AuthorityPickaway Metro Housing AuthoritySandusky Metro Housing Authority
OfficerKim Hartinger
OfficerJason Booth
OfficerPeggy Rice
Board MemberKathy Collins
Board MemberNathan Blatchley
Donations: $0.00      Membership Fees: $0.00
Assessments: $0.00      Event Registrations: $0.00
Add-On Fees: $0.00      Percentage of Revenue: $0.00
Matching Funds: $0.00      Grants: $0.00
Taxes $0.00      Other: $1,739,334.00
Personnel: $0.00      Fringe Benefits: $0.00
Travel: $0.00      Meetings: $0.00
Professional Development: $0.00      Rent: $0.00
Contract Services: $0.00      Printing: $0.00
Office Supplies: $0.00      Office Equipment: $0.00
Postage: $0.00      Pro Services: $0.00
Insurance: $0.00      Dues: $0.00
Phone: $0.00      Advertising: $0.00
Publications/Subscriptions: $0.00      Depreciation: $0.00
Training/Seminars: $0.00      Other: $0.00