Taxpayer Hero Award

The Auditor of State's Office created the Taxpayer Hero Award to acknowledge state and local government officials who demonstrate initiative with innovative ideas to cut costs, increase efficiency, protect tax dollars, and uphold the integrity of government in Ohio.

Nominate a Hero

Nominations can be submitted by anyone in the state and will be reviewed and approved by the Auditor or a designee. Once a nomination is approved, the person will be contacted and formally presented with a certificate and an award. Submit a nomination.

Taxpayer Heroes in Ohio

Columbus City Schools Internal Auditor

Carolyn Smith is the current Columbus City Schools Internal Auditor whose commitment toward finding the truth helped break open the data scrubbing case. Her cooperation was invaluable to investigators, students and the citizens of Columbus.

City of Tallmadge

The City of Tallmadge is a model for other entities in the state who are looking to share services and save taxpayer dollars. By working with neighboring communities, Tallmadge began 2014 with the highest, debt-free balance in its history.

Examples of the city's partnerships include the joint economic development district (JEDD) it created with Brimfield Township and the merged dispatch system with the City of Stow. Watch the video of Auditor Yost presenting the Taxpayer Hero Award to the city to learn more.

Heather Winchell of Fairfield County Clerk of Courts

Heather Winchell is a former employee of the Fairfield County Clerk of Courts Office. After noticing criminal misconduct in the office, she quit her job and turned over evidence to the Auditor of State’s Office. This sparked an investigation that led to the resignation and indictment of the former Fairfield County Clerk of Courts.

Westshore Council of Governments

Six communities in northeast Ohio that make up the Westshore Council of Governments creatively maximize services for taxpayers while spending less. Formed in 1971, these communities have been working together to save taxpayer dollars for more than 4 decades. Their success serves as a model for local governments considering regional cooperation.