Eagle Heights Academy Declared “Unauditable”

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Youngstown -

Auditor of State Mary Taylor declared Eagle Heights Academy “unauditable” for fiscal year 2007.  The declaration means that the school’s financial records are incomplete and auditors cannot conduct a routine financial audit.

State law requires the school sponsor, The Toledo Charter School Council, to provide the Auditor of State with a written plan within 45 days to describe their efforts to provide the documentation necessary to conduct an audit.  Additionally, they are prohibited from opening any additional community schools while the finances of Eagle Heights Academy are considered unauditable.

The Auditor of State has informed the Ohio Department of Education that certain school documents showing how tax dollars were spent are either missing, incomplete or inaccurate.  If financial statements and records are not brought into an auditable condition within 90 days, the Department of Education would withhold state funding for the school until the situation is corrected.  Payments to the school would resume once the unauditable condition is corrected.

In 2007, Taylor hosted the first ever series of financial training workshops for community schools around the state.  The first 2008 training session was held on August 15 in Akron and an additional training will be held on August 19 in Cincinnati.  Information about the remaining workshop is available at www.auditor.state.oh.us.  The voluntary workshops offer financial, accounting and compliance training to community school sponsors, administrators, fiscal officers, board members and management companies. Almost 100 individuals registered for the first 2008 training opportunity in Akron and more 270 people participated in the training workshops in 2007.