Open Government Unit

Ohio's Sunshine Laws give all citizens the right to broad access to government records and meetings.
Requesting Public Records from the AOS – Four Ways
  • Mail Requests To Auditor of State Open Government Unit
    88 E. Broad St., 4th Floor, Columbus, OH 43215
  • Email
  • Phone 800-282-0370
  • Online Request Request Form
AOS Certified Public Records Training (CPRT)

AOS offers CPRTs, which cover the requirements of Ohio’s Sunshine Laws and are required trainings for all elected officials. These trainings are also open to private citizens.

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Ohio Sunshine Laws

Each year, the Ohio Attorney General's office publishes Ohio Sunshine Laws, an Open Government Resource Manual. This book provides extensive information regarding the Ohio Public Records Act and Ohio Open Meetings Act.

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Public Records Act

The Public Records Act provides the public with procedures to request records from any public office in Ohio.

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Open Meetings Act

The Open Meetings Act requires public officials to deliberate, discuss, and conduct the people’s business in open meetings.

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