Contracts with the Auditor of State

The Auditor of State works with Independent Public Accountants (IPAs) to fulfill the responsibility of auditing all public entities in Ohio.

IPA Portal

Registered IPA Firms

Register your IPA Firm

All independent public accounting (IPA) firms interested in expressing interest to bid on financial audits must register online and be approved by the Auditor of State's office.

Contracting Process

Open Bid List

All current jobs available for IPA firms are identified in the IPA Portal within "Express Interest in Contracts". Postings will remain on this listing until the stated "Request Deadline" at which time they will move to the "IPA Closed Bid List."

Closed Bid List

Track the mailing date of the related Request for Proposal (RFP) for each job through the Closed Bid List. Postings remain on this list for 30 days after the RFP mailing date.

Tier 1 Clients