Ohio Auditor Dave Yost

To Ohio Citizens

The Auditor of State strives for clean, accountable and efficient governments for the people of Ohio.

You have given me a great honor and privilege in electing me for this important office. To fulfill my duty to you I pledge:

  • To conduct myself with fairness, independence and integrity;
  • To hold myself, my staff and audited governments to high standards of which every Ohioan can be proud;
  • To review the collection and expenditure of taxpayer dollars protecting against fraud, misuse and waste;
  • To assist every Ohioan in understanding and reviewing the duties and operations of their governments; and
  • To put the United States and Ohio constitutions and the duties of my office above the loyalties of any outside interests.

I will never forget that our government, laid out in the state and federal constitutions, is an instrument meant to enable each one of us to fulfill our duty to God, family and country. So long as I hold office, I will help make sure that state and local government works for the citizens of Ohio, not the other way around.

Thank you for your trust.



Dave Yost became Ohio’s 32nd Auditor of State on January 10, 2011 with the mission of “skinnier, smarter government.”

Elected to a second term in November 2014, Auditor Dave Yost continues to build a legacy of fighting fraud and “skinnying down” government.

Since 2011, he’s helped to turn more than 100 corrupt public officials into convicted criminals and identified over $22 million in stolen and misspent tax money. After taking on student attendance data rigging in his first term, Auditor Yost is currently working to bring increased accountability to Ohio’s charter schools.

Auditor Yost also helps state government, local communities and schools in becoming more efficient through performance audits, which have identified more than $200 million in potential savings.

Yost earned his undergraduate degree from The Ohio State University and law degree from Capital University. A former Columbus Citizen Journal reporter, Auditor Yost moved into public service as Delaware County’s Auditor and Prosecutor. He and his wife, Darlene, make their home in Franklin County. They have three adult children and three grandchildren.