Ohio Auditor Keith Faber

To Ohio Citizens,

As Ohio's chief compliance officer, the Auditor of State makes Ohio government more efficient, effective and transparent by placing checks and balances on state and local governments for taxpayers.

You have given me a great honor and privilege in electing me for this important office. To fulfill my duty to you, I pledge:

  • To conduct myself with fairness, independence, and integrity;
  • To hold myself, my staff, and audited governments to high standards of which every Ohioan can be proud;
  • To review the collection and expenditure of taxpayer dollars, protecting against fraud, misuse, and waste;
  • To assist every Ohioan in understanding and reviewing the duties and operations of their governments; and
  • To put the United States and Ohio constitutions and the duties of my office above the loyalties of any outside interests.

I will never forget that our government, laid out in the state and federal constitutions, is an instrument meant to enable each one of us to fulfill our duty to God, family, and country. So long as I hold office, I will help make sure that state and local government work for the citizens of Ohio, not the other way around.

Thank you for your trust.