Taylor Sworn in as Ohio’s 31st Auditor of State

First CPA to Serve in Post

Monday, January 8, 2007

Columbus -

Never in Ohio’s history has a licensed CPA served as the state’s chief taxpayer watchdog. That is, until today.

Mary Taylor, a former state representative and city councilwoman from Green, Ohio, was sworn in as Ohio’s 31st Auditor of State. She is a certified public accountant with 17 years of experience.

“On Election Day, voters said clearly that ‘qualifications and experience matter,’” Taylor said. “I’m honored that Ohioans trust me to protect taxpayers from fraud, waste and abuse in government spending.”

Taylor said helping implement recommendations from the office’s recent performance audit of the state’s Medicaid program is the top priority for her administration over the coming weeks.

“The Medicaid audit indicated the state could potentially save $400 million annually by streamlining the way the department is managed,” Taylor said. “That’s $400 million taxpayer dollars that can be spent on education and job creation.”

Taylor said she intends to work in a bipartisan manner with all of Ohio’s elected officials to ensure accountability in the way government operates.