Village of Martinsville Family Funneled Funds

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Columbus – Family members illegally ran the Village of Martinsville (Clinton County) and used its funds for personal use, according to an audit released today by Auditor of State Dave Yost. 

“The family-tree style of governance was illegal in itself,” Auditor Yost said. “Tack on the tens of thousands of dollars in illegal expenditures and you have this Martinsville audit.”

The audit period covered the years 2011-2012 and identified more than $61,000 in findings for recovery. From January 1, 2010 – January 1, 2012, the village did not have any legally elected council members. Luke Mountjoy served as a legally appointed council member during that time, until elected in 2012. Mountjoy then illegally appointed four others to serve on council, including Carole and Rayetta Robinson, who illegally became council president and Mayor. 

During the audit period, the village paid Carole and Rayetta Robinson’s family members James R. and James C. Robinson without proof of any completed work. James R. received $20,948 and James C. received $5,700. The audit issued findings for recovery against both men, in the respective amounts, due to payment for undocumented work.

In addition to illegal employment, James R. and James C. also used $13,178 in public funds for personal use. Expenditures ranging from gasoline and car parts to Gatorade and cigarettes were cited in findings for recovery issued against James R. and James C. in the amount of $11,755 and $1,423, respectively.

Sheri Watson served as village fiscal officer during the audit period. Watson paid herself $10,220 for mileage reimbursements without documentation and used more than $8,000 in public funds for personal use. Findings for recovery, totaling $18,316, were issued against Watson.

Findings for recovery were also issued against Carole Robison in the amount of $630 for internet service charged to the village and Rayetta Robinson in the amount of $241 for a laptop charged to the village.

A full copy of this audit may be accessed online.



The Auditor of State’s office, one of five independently elected statewide offices in Ohio, is responsible for auditing more than 5,800 state and local government agencies.  Under the direction of Auditor Dave Yost, the office also provides financial services to local governments, investigates and prevents fraud in public agencies and promotes transparency in government.

Carrie Bartunek
Press Secretary