Wayne Township Fiscal Officer Improperly Reimbursed $14,325

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Columbus – Wayne Township’s (Clermont County) fiscal officer was improperly reimbursed $14,325 for medical and hospital expenses, according to an audit released today by Auditor of State Dave Yost. 

Fiscal Officer Sandra Borchers received eight reimbursements for out-of-pocket medical costs from May 9, 2013 through Dec. 17, 2014. Contrary to the Ohio Revised Code, the costs were not for health insurance premiums.

“Reimbursements are permitted for insurance premiums, not the costs of medical services,” Auditor Yost said. “While the fiscal officer should have known this, I’m pleased to see she’s working to repay the amount owed to the township.”

A $14,325 finding for recovery was issued against Borchers. Township Trustees Carl Jason Ritter, Don Wilson, Harold Grosnickle and Warren Walker are jointly and severally liable in the amounts of $14,325, $4,462, $6,764 and $4,561, respectively, because they signed the warrants resulting in the improper payments. 

On July 7, 2016, the board of trustees ordered Borchers to repay the full amount by the end of her term on March 21, 2020. In the event that she leaves office before the end of her term, she will still be held responsible for the debt. As of Aug. 2, 2016, Borchers has repaid $3,929 to the township. 

A full copy of this report is available online.



The Auditor of State’s office, one of five independently elected statewide offices in Ohio, is responsible for auditing more than 5,900 state and local government agencies.  Under the direction of Auditor Dave Yost, the office also provides financial services to local governments, investigates and prevents fraud in public agencies and promotes transparency in government.

Ben Marrison
Director of Communications