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Auditor Faber Finds Newton Falls Joint Fire District Fiscal Officer Incurred $8,043 in Late Fees

Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Columbus – An audit of the Newton Falls Joint Fire District, today released by Auditor of State Keith Faber, uncovered that former fiscal officer, Joseph Sosnowski, incurred $8,043 in penalties and late fees for failing to remit pension contributions and pay lease and loan obligations on time.

“Taxpayers funding a fire district expect that money to go toward public safety not late fees,” Auditor Faber said, “Late fees are easily avoidable expenses that taxpayers should not be responsible for paying.”

In 2016, the fire district was assessed a total of $431 in penalties for late payments on an equipment lease and late payments to the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System. In 2017, the fire district accrued $7,228 in penalties and interest for late payments to the Internal Revenue Service. Also in that year, the fire district was charged $278 for late payments on an equipment lease, $100 for a late payment on a building renovation loan, and $6 for a late payment to the Ohio Public Employee Retirement System. In total, the fire district paid $8,043 in late fees, penalties, and interest during the period auditors examined.

In accordance with these facts, Auditor Faber has issued an $8,043 finding for recovery for public monies illegally expended against Sosnowski and in favor of the fire district.

A full copy of this report is available online.


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