Auditor of State Mary Taylor’s Investigation Leads to Jail Time for Former Clark County EMA Director

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Clark County -

An investigation spearheaded by Auditor of State Mary Taylor’s office today has landed the former director of the Clark County Emergency Management Agency in jail for 90 days plus five years of community service. Bob Hupp, 52, of Springfield, is also ordered to pay Clark County $81,540 in restitution and an additional $18,000 in audit costs.

Hupp pleaded guilty to three felony charges last August, including one count of theft in office and two counts of unlawful interest in a public contract. 

Taylor released the results of her special audit investigation in July 2008. The report identified more than $81,000 in public funds that Hupp used to produce county data directories, sell them and deposit the proceeds into a private business bank account which he established and controlled.

Hupp spent profits on personal items such as college tuition payments, auto and home repair payments, wedding expenses, credit card bills, taxes and cash withdrawls. 

On August 29, 2007, Clark County Prosecutor Stephen A. Schumaker appointed the Auditor of State’s Assistant Chief Legal Counsel, James Manken, to lead the prosecution.