ODHE Facilities Inventory


Audit Overview

This performance audit of the higher education facilities data maintained by ODHE was conducted to provide insight into the types of spaces owned and maintained by Ohio's public colleges and universities. This audit was performed in an effort to increase the transparency of data that is collected. It is our belief that this data, when presented in a timely and transparent manner, can be used by key stakeholders including the General Assembly, ODHE, and institution officials to improve the efficiency of existing facility space. The recommendations contained in this audit will be particularly useful in the near future as difficult decisions relating to aging facilities will need to be made.

Data Dashboards

Using existing data, we created two dashboards to better explore and understand the current facilities inventory at Ohio's public colleges and University. These dashboards are linked to the left. The first, the Area Inventory Dashboard, provides high-level comparisons between institutions and the second, the Campus Profile Dashboard, allows the user to select an institution to view its facility and enrollment data. These dashboards are provided as an example of the how ODHE could share updated facility inventory data in the future.