ODJFS Unemployment Compensation


What led to this audit?

As the job market has attempted to recover from the pandemic job losses, Ohio employers have struggled to find well-qualified workers to fill open positions. This audit in the public interest was initiated to review the Office of Workforce Development within ODJFS and associated programs to identify opportunities for improved efficiency, effectiveness, and transparency.

What did we find?

Ohio receives more than $100 million annually from the federal government for workforce development programs. These programs are administered locally and are overseen by the Office of Workforce Development within ODJFS. We found that there is limited data tracking relating to program performance, which can inhibit the ability of the Department to provide strategic guidance to Local Workforce Development Boards. Further, we found that Ohioans may benefit from restructuring the areas governed by the Local Workforce Development Boards so that the needs of the local community can be better met.