Van Buren Local School District


What led to this audit?

Van Buren Local School District submitted a five-year forecast in November 2019 to the Ohio Department of Education which projected a deficit of more than $15 million in FY 2024. Based on this forecast, our office chose to conduct a performance audit to identify potential cost savings measures which would address the projected deficit balances, under its authority in Ohio Revised Code § 3316.042.

What did we find?

During the course of the audit, the District identified future staffing reductions which would lead to decreased expenditures and eliminated the projected deficit on their May 2020 five-year forecast. Our audit identified seven recommendations which would further reduce expenditures or improve operational management of the District in addition to the savings already identified by the District and accounted for in the May 2020 forecast. Because of the ongoing pandemic and uncertainty in relation to District funding and operations, we provided additional recommendations which could be implemented if the fiscal condition of the District deteriorates in the future.