Project: AOS Technology Performance Audit

Project Number: AOS-2019-001-REISSUE
Location: Columbus

Purpose: To ensure that the Ohio Auditor of State's Office (AOS) is serving its clients and the taxpayers of Ohio in the most efficient and effective manner possible, AOS is soliciting proposals to study the AOS’s use of electronic tools and capabilities, including data analytics tools.

In the Financial Audit Division, AOS is requesting an analysis of emerging tools (Robotic Process Automation (RPA), Extract, Transform, Load (ETL), Artificial Intelligence (AI), and Machine Learning (ML), technologies and data analytics trends in external financial audits.

This engagement will focus primarily on AOS’s use of audit data analytics and other computer-assisted audit techniques in performing risk assessment procedures, tests of internal controls, substantive analytical procedures, tests of details, and procedures to help form an overall conclusion related to specific audit objectives in financial audit matters to ensure the AOS optimizes the use of available resources and reflects best practices in the government auditing field.

Questions & Answers

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From the Jan. 21 Vendor Teleconference:

Q1. [The RFP requests each submission include two distinct proposals.]
Would these be two separate submissions or a single document with separate sections?

A.  Part Five of the RFP provides specific submission and formatting requirements. Vendors must follow the requirements very carefully in this section.

To be considered for this RFP, each submission must include three packets of materials: first, the Yellow Book Engagement Proposal; second, the Consulting Engagement Proposal; and third, Forms and Certifications.

Failure to provide each of the specific submission requirements described for each of the three packets of materials may disqualify the vendor from evaluation and consideration of this RFP. Vendors submitting their Proposals through the "Submit Bid" link on the Procurements Project web page will find three "Choose File" links to upload each of the three packets of materials separately.