Project: ODOT Performance Audit

Project Number: AOS-2019-002
Location: Columbus

To ensure that the Ohio Department of Transportation (ODOT) is serving its clients and the taxpayers of Ohio in the most efficient and effective manner possible, the AOS is soliciting proposals from qualified vendors to provide technical assistance and subject matter expertise as part of a performance audit of the ODOT’s highway management and maintenance practices.

The technical assistance work will focus on an evaluation of ODOT’s pavement management program, bridge program, and highway maintenance program in relation to nationally recognized practices. AOS will include additional scope areas and publicly release the final performance audit report.

The audit will be conducted under General Accepted Governmental Audit Standards (GAGAS). As such, all work performed by the vendor must be documented in a manner such that the AOS can comply with GAGAS in finalizing the research, recommendations and report.

As mentioned in the RFP, this project includes a Workbook, which can be downloaded here.

Questions & Answers

Questions and answers will be added here and updated as they are received. To submit a question about this project, email

Q1. Does the 25 page limit identified apply only to the project approach section of the proposal?
A. The 25 page limit applies only to the project approach section of the proposal. Page limits for the other sections of the proposal are not defined except to limit the page length of the resumes.

Q2. Confirm that copies of the entire reports are requested and that they can be provided as proposal attachments rather than inline with the proposal.
A. Copies of entire reports are requested within the proposal.

Q3. Are proposers limited to submitting only four resumes (the engagement manager plus senior staff members for the pavement, bridge and maintenance sections) or can additional, support resumes be included?
A. Yes. For additional information concerning this response, refer to questions and answers.pdf

Q4. Is this clause (Attachment 2, section VI. Subcontracting and Personnel, item A) intended disallow any subcontracting (including a firm proposing as a subcontractor for a specific project review area) or simply not allow any post-proposal subcontracting not identified in the proposal?
A. This clause is intended to ensure AOS understands and agrees to any potential sub-contractor working on the project, whether identified within the proposal or post-proposal.

Q5. Would the State Auditor consider amending this response to allow including additional resumes to support the proposers depth of experience in the requested services?
A.  No, we will not amend the RFP to allow additional resumes. For additional information concerning this response, refer to Question 10 in the questions and answers.pdf

Q6. If the State Auditor is unwilling to allow unlimited resumes, could the resume limit be expanded to allow two (2) additional resumes to show team qualifications in the areas of public policy and finance?
A. No, we will not amend the RFP to allow additional resumes. For additional information concerning this response, refer to Question 10 in the questions and answers.pdf

Q7. If the RFP results in a contract award, would the AOS be willing to consider/negotiate some changes to the contract terms and conditions specified in Attachment 2 for the successful bidder?
A. Yes, AOS is willing to consider some changes to the contract terms and conditions. Per Part Four, F.(iii.) “Submission of a Proposal indicates acceptance by the vendor of conditions contained in the RFP, unless clearly noted in the proposal submitted and confirmed by agreement between AOS and the vendor selected.” Therefore, AOS asks that any proposed changes to the terms and conditions in Attachment 2 be included in the vendor’s proposal.

Q8. To allow more time to finalize a teaming arrangement, would AOS be willing to consider granting a one-week extension of the proposal due date?
A. No, AOS will not grant an extension. However, please note per Section VI of the terms and conditions included in Attachment 2, the Engagement Manager, or senior staff members assigned to manage the Pavement, Bridge, and Highway Maintenance work, may be substituted upon mutual agreement of the parties.

Q9. If our team consists of more than six staff members, may we add rows into each Task section of the budget spreadsheet?
A.  Yes, rows may be added to accommodate additional staff members.