Project: Uniform Accounting Network Application Rewrite

Project Number: AOS-2021-001
Location: Columbus

The purpose of this RFP is to select a firm to provide key resources to assist with the rewrite of the UAN application from a client server application to a hosted cloud-based application. In addition to two named resources, throughout the engagement, additional resources will be sought from the selected firm. The project is anticipated to have a duration of four years, subject to biennial state capital appropriation.

Questions & Answers

Questions and answers will be added here and updated as they are received. To submit a question about this project, send an email to

Q1. Confirm what cloud application (Azure, AWS, Google, etc.) this migration will be moving to.

Q2. Can work be performed offshore? If not, will work be completed remotely or on client site?
A. The work cannot be completed offshore. The AOS Development Team is located in Columbus and has for many years been working in a hybrid model with both onsite and remote work. Space will be available in our Columbus office if requested. Your response should indicate the work location of your resources.

Q3. Regarding pricing, how will the pricing be compared to our STS?
A. We will only be using the pricing provided in the response to evaluate the response.

Q4. RFP Page 1, Anticipated RFP Timeline, Interviews – Can the interviews to be scheduled the week of October 18, 2021, be completed virtually?
A. Yes.

Q5. RFP Page 19, Part Eight – Evaluation of Proposals, A. Criteria – Is "Ohio Presence" scoring for the two named resources or the Proposing Vendor/Organization?
A. The proposing vendor/organization.

Q6. RFP Page 15/16, C – Proposer Qualifications, V-5 – Can offshore resources from our offshore office locations be used to fill the resources listed in V-5?
A. The levels should be derived from the office/offices that will be supporting this effort. Since this effort cannot be completed offshore those resources should not be included.

Q7. The RFP document references that a firm was engaged to estimate the work involved with a re-write of the UAN application. Can you identify the firm and are they able to bid on this project?
A. The firm was Unicon International and they are not able to bid on this project.

Q8. Will the OH AOS team be interested in knowing more about CIC ways for app modernization, ways of working and its approach for rewriting UAN application?
A. The proposer is not limited on what is submitted.

Q9. Would the Auditor of State consider putting together a separate contract for this work, instead of requiring a previous contract with the State of Ohio, as outlined in the RFP?
A. No.

Q10. Would the State consider extending the RFP deadline by three weeks to October 22, 2021?
A. No.