How do we get started?

To begin your subscription, your local government will need to complete and return a UAN User Agreement. A copy of the agreement can be found at

UAN accepts new users throughout the year and instruction is offered at our training center in Columbus. In addition, on-site assistance will be provided to help with the conversion to the UAN program.


We are a small community with very little processing. Is UAN for us?

Small local governments can gain from UAN’s features. The potential benefits span far beyond basic clerical services. Other assets of UAN that small local governments should consider include:

  • Improved organization
  • Reduced possibility of errors
  • Support of ongoing training
  • Office automation tools

Do I have to manually prepare documents before entering the information into the system?

No. Purchase orders, blanket certificates, warrants, electronic fund transfer statements, vouchers, receipts and payroll related documents are generated through the UAN system.


Who actually owns the hardware and software of the system?

The Auditor of State is the owner of the hardware and software. The hardware and software remain with the local government for as long as the local government continues to operate under the terms and conditions of the program. Users may keep old hardware at no additional charge when it is replaced.


Can I use the computer and software for other purposes?

Yes. The UAN software allows for word processing, spreadsheet analysis and presentation development. Also, UAN distributes additional applications as new uses are discovered that may benefit local governments.


Can I add software or hardware to the UAN system?

UAN clients are required to submit a letter to UAN asking for approval to add software or hardware to the system. UAN will approve such requests if there are no conflicts between the UAN software and the additional software or hardware. Local governments are responsible for troubleshooting and maintaining any additional software or hardware added to the UAN system.


When is the support service available to clients?

The support line provides assistance through the use of your phone, modem and/or email. Local governments can contact the support line directly during hours of operation.

Monday – Thursday 7:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m.
Friday 7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Saturday 8 a.m. to noon
Sundays/Holidays Closed

Requests received outside normal hours are monitored and handled on a priority basis the next business day.