Reporting Fraud

Reporting Fraud

Complaints of fraud in Ohio’s governments may be made any time by any public employee or private citizen.

Ohio Revised Code §117.103 requires all public employers to notify employees of the methods of reporting fraud. New hires must verify in writing, within 30 days, that they have been advised of the system, and the Auditor of State’s (AOS) office will verify compliance during regular audits. The AOS has created a Fraud Reporting Model Form (pdf) to help employers comply with these requirments.

How to Report Fraud – Five Ways


Call 866-Fraud-OH

Submit a Complaint

Write a letter *
65 East State Street
PO #1140
Columbus, OH 43215

* Under Ohio law, complaint forms or letters may at some time become "public records" subject to disclosure under the Ohio Public Records Act. Documents that are deemed to be public records are available to the public, including the media, upon request for review, copying, and release.

Because the internet is not secure, we urge you to send personal identifying information (for example, Social Security number, bank account numbers, or credit card information) by U.S. mail rather than via the internet. Reference the complaint number that will be assigned to you, and send copies of any supporting documents, not the originals.