Regional Councils of Governments - Registration

Ohio Revised Code §167.04(D) provides the following requirement for Regional Councils of Governments (COG): "The officers of the council shall notify the auditor of state of the regional council's formation, provide a copy of the council's by-laws, and provide on a form prescribed by the auditor of state any other information regarding the regional council that the auditor of state considers necessary. The council shall take no official action, other than formation, before notifying the auditor of state of its formation in accordance with this section. Any official action the council takes before making that notification, including entering into any contract, is void."

Additionally, Ohio Revised Code §117.10(E) requires "Within thirty days after the creation or dissolution or the winding up of the affairs of any public office, that public office shall notify the auditor of state in writing that this action has occurred."

Therefore, a council of governments must register with the AOS before transacting business but no later than 30 days after creation.

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