Ohio Performance Team

How to Request an Audit

Any governmental entity can request a performance audit consult by contacting the Ohio Performance Team. The scope and timing of an audit is dependent on staff availability, but the Auditor of State’s Office seeks to serve all clients interested in performance audit work.

Government representatives can work with their regional liaison to schedule a discussion about a performance audit or contact the Ohio Performance Team directly through our main office number, 800-282-0370 or email performance@ohioauditor.gov. Concerned citizens interested in a performance audit are encouraged to work with their local officials, or may contact Auditor Faber or their state representative directly.

Charges and Cost for an Audit

The cost of a performance is dependent on the depth and breadth of the work performed. Organizations can reduce the cost of the audit or maximize the work performed for a fixed dollar amount by ensuring their data is accurate and error free, and by being responsive to performance auditors’ request for information and feedback.

As a public sector organization, the Auditor of State’s office works for the taxpayers and keeps audit costs low, seeking only partial direct cost recovery. The Auditor of State’s Office partially subsidizes local government work through a specific appropriation from the State of Ohio.