Ohio Stops Fraud


Stop the theft and misuse of Ohio tax dollars anytime, anywhere using Ohio Stops Fraud - from your iPhone or Android mobile device.


About the App

The Auditor of State's Ohio Stops Fraud  app offers Ohioans a new avenue to report fraud in government.

Each year, the Auditor of State's Office receives hundreds of tips regarding suspected fraud in government. These tips come from many sources, including public employees and concerned citizens who report suspected fraud online, by mail or by phone. Ohio Stops Fraud offers Ohioans another avenue to share information with the Auditor of State’s office.

Reporting fraud is easy with the options below:

  • Answer a few short questions about what you witnessed;
  • Attach evidence using your phone's photo and video camera;
  • Submit the exact location of the fraud with the GPS locator; and
  • Talk about what happened with the voice recorder.

Ohio Stops Fraud tracks reports filed so you can follow-up on an allegation. A news section also connects you with what's happening at the Auditor of State's office - including stories about potential fraud around Ohio. Read the app's privacy policy for more information.


Downloading the App

Visit the Apple App Store via your mobile device or Apple computer and search for Ohio Stops Fraud. This app is available for iOS7 users who own the iPhone 4 or later models.
Click here to view the Apple app.

Visit the Google Play Store via your mobile device or computer and search for Ohio Stops Fraud.
Click here to install the Android app.