Mobile App Privacy Policy

The Auditor of State’s Ohio Stops Fraud app for mobile devices helps identify fraud, theft or misappropriation of funds in publicly funded agencies and organizations in Ohio.

A user submits allegations of fraud through an electronic form that is sent directly to the Auditor of State’s Special Investigations Unit (SIU). Information, such as the suspect’s name and a description of the alleged fraud, is collected to assist SIU in catching fraud and theft of taxpayer dollars. A report may be stopped at any time by tapping ‘cancel’ in the top left screen of the app. Once a report is submitted, there is no opportunity to delete the submission.

Upon the submission of a report, every user receives an Anonymous ID Number that is unique to his or her device. This number stays consistent for all reports submitted through the Ohio Stops Fraud app. This number will not reveal the identity or activity of the user.

By default, a user’s identity is anonymous. However, he or she may give his or her name and contact information for an investigator to follow-up on an allegation. According to the Ohio Sunshine Laws, providing a name and contact information may subject that information to disclosure.

The Auditor of State’s office conducts its investigations confidentially and neither confirms nor denies the existence of an investigation. When a case is closed, Ohio’s Public Records Act may require that all files and reports related to a case become available to the public.

Please call our Special Investigations Unit at 1-866-FRAUD OH (1-866-372-8364) for further questions or comments.