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1996 Technical Bulletins

1996-027 School Gaap Issues

1996-026 Senate Bill No. 81 - Investments Questions and Answers

1996-025 Library Interest Allocation

1996-024 Compensation of Judges

1996-023 Agricultural Land Use

1996-022 County Administrator Contracting Authority, Human Services Director Employment Agreement, Home Rule Township Legal Services, and Alternative Method of Distributing Library and Local Government Funds

1996-021 Prohibition Against Promoting School Levies with Public Funds

1996-020 School Fiscal Emergency Legislation

1996-019 Various Matters Dealing with Real Property and County Auditors Continuing Education Requirements

1996-018 Fiscal Emergency Legislation

1996-017 Investments - Continuing Education Amended Sub. Senate Bill No. 81

1996-016 Schoolnet, Schoolnet Plus, and Other Related Grants

1996-015 School District Anticipated Operating Deficits

1996-014 Elected Officials' Compensation Legislation (Amended Substitute House Bill 408)

1996-013 County and City Gaap Issues

1996-012 Federal Emergency Management Agency (Fema) Grants, Loans, and Reimbursements

1996-011 Public Buildings

1996-010 Public Libraries

1996-009 Consumer Price Indexes

1996-008 Political Party Checkoff Funds

1996-007 Municipal Income Taxes

1996-006 Electronic Imaging of Checks

1996-005 Ohio Directory of New Hires, Reports Required by Employers

1996-004 Public Buildings, Construction Managers, and Design Services Contracts

1996-003 Reserve Balance Account Amended Substitute House Bill 86 - Counties and Municipalities

1996-002 Township Group Health Insurance

1996-001 Annual Audits for Contracted Programs and Services for Alcohol, Drug Addiction and Mental Health Services (Adamh) Boards