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2004 Technical Bulletins

The Auditor of State's office periodically releases Technical Bulletins to offer guidance to the government entities it serves.
All of the bulletins since 1977 are compiled in one file, All Bulletins.pdf, for easy searching.

Bulletins are occasionally updated or superseded, so some previously issued bulletins have been removed. For a thorough explanation see the Bulletins 1977 to Current.xlsx spreadsheet for a list of changes.

2004-001 Auditor of State’s Position on GASB 39

2004-002 Expenditure of Public Funds for a Proper Public Purpose

2004-003 Concealed Handgun License Issuance Expense Fund

2004-004 Lessened Restrictions on Using the Auditor of State’s Opinions

This bulletin is obsolete. See the spreadsheet above for more information.

2004-005 Auditing and Reporting for Community Based Correctional Facilities

2004-006 Unresolved Findings for Recovery Database

2004-007 Law Library Associations

This bulletin has been superseded. See the spreadsheet above for more information.

2004-008 Audits of Governmental Insurance Pools

2004-009 Mandatory New Community School Footnote Disclosure for Management Companies

2004-010 Check Clearing for the 21st Century Act