b'Thanks to the rich soil andthe ample water supply, forestshave grown easily in Ohio. For along time, the most plentiful rawmaterials were Ohios trees, usedfor timber. Some trees were quitelargetheir trunks sometimeswere as much as seven feetacross. Ohio has many differentkinds of trees. The most plentifulones are oak, elm, maple, beech,walnut, and ash trees. As more settlers andfarmers moved into the Ohio Graphic (M)Country, many trees were cut The result of natural factors working on parentdown. In order not to lose this materials is that Ohio has a great variety ofspecific soils. This map shows locations of theimportant resource, today conser- major soil regions in Ohiovationists have helped to set aside these areas are state parks[seeareas just for forests. These lands are graphic (N)] .protected by the government. Many ofRaw MaterialsA raw material issomething found in naturethat can be turned intosomething useful orvaluable. Ohio has manyraw materials. Theprimary ones are rock,salt, clay, coal andother minerals.Useful rock canbe found in a quarry, a placewhere bedrock is found and iscut into shapes used for building. Someof this rock can be crushed and used forother purposes. The main rocks in OhioThis map shows the state parks that are found in Ohioin the year 2000. Graphic (N)page 6'