b'over the age of 21 living there, a leg- leaders of the original states were notislative council was formed and a house especially happy about this part). Mostof representatives could be elected.The governor would be the commander- state constitutions are similar to eachin-chief of the militia. other. The Northwest Ordinance tellsThe governor would appoint (choose) how a state will be governed and whatsheriffs to protect the citizens. Ohio rights the citizens can enjoy:still has sheriffs in most counties, butthey are now elected rather than Civil and religious freedoms were to beappointed. protected. Civil rights (rights as citi-The governor would arrange for surveys zens of the United States) and reli-of the land as needed. gious rights (freedom to worshiphowever one wants) are among the mostA constitution was the last of three important parts of the ordinance. steps needed for a territory to become a Every person would have rights state. (The first was the appointment of in court.a governor, secretary, and three judges; Waterways leading to the Mississippithe second was the forming of a house of River and St. Lawrence Seaway wouldbe forever free of taxation.representatives.) A constitution could be Provisions were made for no fewer thandrawn up (written) once a region had three and no more than five states in60,000 inhabitants. After revisions and the Northwest Territory. As we know,five states were created from thisfinal approval of its constitution, the ter- territory.ritory could apply to the federal govern- Slavery was prohibited. The ordinancement for statehood. Any states coming stated, There shall be neither slaverynor involuntary servitude in saidinto the nation would be on equal footing territory. Nearly 100 years later,with the original states (some of the after the Civil War, the ThirteenthAmendment to the United StatesAlong the Ohio TrailCan you see how the ideas in the Northwest Ordinance have affected Ohio? Who is the governing leader of Ohio today?Do we have a state legislature? Who represents your area? Does your county have a sheriff? On what side was Ohio during the Civil War? Why?page 40'