b'with other tribes and drove them from eastern Indiana and western Ohiotheir lands. regions by the 1740s. They had tradedThe Wyandots were a native group with the French for many years, andthat had been pushed out of their home- much of what we know of them todayland of Ontario, Canada, by the Iroquois. comes from diaries of FrenchThe Wyandot tribe is also called the missionaries. The name Miami is firstHuron (the French name for them). They recorded as the name of a fort (Fortarrived and settled in the northern part Miami) built in 1685, near present-dayof the Ohio Country, mostly near the Fort Wayne, Indiana. The chief village ofSandusky area. They established the the Miami in the Ohio Country was calledtown of Coshocton. Today Wyandot Pickawillany. Today the city of Piqua isCounty, Wyandot Creek, and several near there. Eventually the Miami peopletownships named Wyandot carry their sold the claims to their land in Ohio andname. moved further west into Indiana, Kansas,The Miami tribe came in from and Oklahoma. Three Ohio rivers haveanother direction: west. Originally from been named after this tribe: the Greatthe Wisconsin region, they were Miami, the Little Miami, and the Maumeepressured to move south and east by (which was originally called the Miami ofother tribes. The Miami settled in the the Lake). Miamisburg and Miami County,Along the Ohio TrailT ecumseh was one of the greatest Native American leaders ofthe Ohio Country. He was born of the Shawnee tribe in 1768. Thelegend of his birth says that the night he was born a comet, orshooting star, streaked across the sky. His parents, ChiefPucksinwah and Methotasa, named him Tecumseh, meaning pantherpassing across. Stories were told about how he had special powers,the ability to have great knowledge. Tecumseh was a very wise leader. He traveled from tribe to tribein the territories of Ohio, Michigan, Indiana, Illinois, and Wisconsintrying to form a united nation of tribes. He believed that this largergroup could keep the white man from taking over theseregions. This great leader was killed in 1813 during a battlebetween the British and Americans. Only one white man was allowed to draw his portrait.This is the only picture made of Tecumseh while he wasliving. You can find lots of interesting information about himin your school and local library.page 19'