b'Perry (1818), named in honor of Commodore Trumbull (1800), in the Connecticut WesternOliver Hazard Perry, who defeated the Reserve, was named for Jonathan Trumbull,British in the naval Battle of Lake Erie, Jr., Governor of Connecticut 1797-1809.September 13, 1813. Tuscarawas (1808), named for thePickaway (1810), named from a misspelling of Tuscarawas River, an Indian term perhapsthe tribe of Indians, known as Piqua, a meaning open mouth.branch of the Shawnee Tribe. Union (1820), named because it was formedPike (1815), bears the name of Brig. Gen. from parts of Delaware, Franklin, Madison,Zebulon Montgomery Pike, who discovered and Logan counties.Pikes Peak in Colorado in 1806. Van Wert (1820), named for Isaac Van Wert,Portage (1808), name comes from the old one of the three captors of British spy,Indian portage path, about seven miles in Major John Andre. Actual spelling of Vanlength, between the Cuyahoga and Werts name was Van Wart. The spellingTuscarawas rivers. was changed due to an illegible entry inPreble (1808), named for Capt. Edward Congressional records.Preble, naval commander in the Vinton (1850), named for Samuel FinleyRevolutionary War and the War with Tripoli. Vinton, an Ohio Statesman and U.S.Putnam (1820), named for Israel Putnam, Congressman, known as the Father of theRevolutionary War Major General, who Department of Interior.gained fame at the Battle of Breeds Hill, Warren (1803), named for Gen. Josephoften misnamed the Battle of Bunker Hill, Warren, who was killed at the Battle ofon June 17, 1775. Breeds (Bunker) Hill, on June 17, 1775.Richland (1808), named for the richness of Washington (1788), Ohios first county andits soil. named in honor of George Washington, whoRoss (1798), named by Territorial Governor was president of the ConstitutionalArthur St. Clair for his friend, James Ross Convention at the time the county wasof Pennsylvania, U.S. Senator 1794-1803. formed.Sandusky (1820), is a derivative of an Indian Wayne (1808), named for Major Generalword meaning cold water. In Wyandot and Anthony Wayne, Revolutionary War hero,Huron languages it is Sa-un-dos-tee later General-in-Chief of the U.S. Armymeaning water within water pools. 1791-1796. Defeated the Indians at theBattle of Fallen Timbers, August 20, 1794.Scioto (1803), takes its name from the Williams (1820), honors David Williams, oneScioto River which flows through the of three captors of Major John Andre oncounty. Scioto comes from a Indian word September 23, 1780.Scionto, meaning deer.Seneca (1820), named for the Seneca Wood (1820), named after Major Eleazer D.Indians, who had a 40,000 acre reservation Wood, U.S. Army-Engineers, who built Fortnorth of Tiffin from 1817-1831. Meigs in 1813 while serving on the staff ofGeneral William Henry Harrison.Shelby (1819), named for Isaac Shelby, Wyandot (1845), named for the WyandotRevolutionary War hero and first Governor Indians, the last Indian tribe in Ohio toof Kentucky. Counties in nine states are cede their reservations March 17, 1842.named for him. They moved to lands west of the MississippiStark (1808), named for Gen. John Stark of River in July, 1843.Revolutionary War fame.Summit (1840), derived its name for havingthe highest land on the line of the Ohio andErie Canal, known as Portage Summit.page 84'