b'which the city gets its name. Tecumseh how the Delaware came to inhabitwas born during one of their meetings an eastern part of the Ohio Country.to discuss the problems with the white Besides the Wyandot, Miami,men. He would become one of their Shawnee, and Delaware, a few othergreatest leaders. The Shawnee and tribes migrated to the Ohio Country,Miami tribes became allies to try to too. They include the Mingo (a namekeep the white men from taking their that included Senecas, Cayugas andland, but after the Shawnee leader other Iroquois), Ottawa, ChippewaTecumseh was killed, the tribe (Ojibwa), Kickapoo, Potawatomi, andweakened. They gave up all of the Ohio Cherokee tribes. Even with all of lands and moved into Missouri, these different people coming and eventually joining many other tribes in going, questions about who owned the Indian Territory of Oklahoma. the land did not come up until theMany of the tribes that would European explorers discovered andeventually make a home in Ohioclaimed parts of the New World,started out in the eastern part of including the Ohio Country. As you willAmerica. Some Europeans lived insee, the conflicts between the Frenchharmony with the natives, especiallyand British are about who owned andin Pennsylvania, but as more and more controlled the land. Used by both Europeans arrived, the native tribes sides, the native tribes found them-were pushed further west. That isselves involved in these conflicts, too.Along the Ohio TrailOhio offered a lot of wildlife to the traders and settlers. All they needed offurs, meat, and other materials could be found without much trouble. Ohio wasntjust a natural paradise. Some dangers existed around most every tree or bush.Wild animals were just thatwild! Livestock were attacked by bears, wolves,and wildcats. Rattlesnakes and copperheads, some of the most poisonous snakes inthe world, lived in great numbers in Ohio Country. The Indians even had a beliefthat the plentiful raccoons of the winter changed into snakes during the summer.Even with all that danger, the natives found a way to live in peace with theland. They used roots, plants, and tree bark to make medicine forhealing their wounds or sicknesses, and their medicinesworked better and were safer thanthe ones that were brought inlater by the Europeans.page 21'