b'made that had been madein the Ohio Company of Associatespatent: to set aside a section for aschool, one for religion, and three for the future use of the Congress.A large area, nearly 25,000acres, was also set asidefor a university. Symmesand his company actuallypaid about 67 cents anacre for their lands. They planned to sell the same land for twodollars an acre.Graphic (XX)Along the Ohio TrailGovernor St. Clair named the town of Cincinnati in honor of anorganization of soldiers in the American Revolution. The Society of theCincinnati was started by George Washington himself. Its name comesfrom a Roman general, Cincinnatus, who (like Washington) was a farmer after atime of war who left his farm to help save the city of Rome. Washington under-stood this call to duty. After the American Revolution, he, too, went back to hisfarm at Mt. Vernon. It wasnt long, though, before he was called to serve as theleader of this new nation. President Washington eventually returned to his farmafter many years of public service.Cincinnati was the first official seat of government in the Northwest Territory.page 49'