b'Archaic PeopleMany centuries passed beforeanother group of people appeared in theOhio area. Known as the Archaic People,these people were also hunters who hadmigrated from the north and west intothis region. They may have arrived asearly as 7000 B.C. They used flint-tippedspears to hunt smaller animals, such asdeer, bear, and wild birds[see graphic(S)] . The Archaic People also fished.Archaeologists in Ohio have uncoveredancient piles of shells, showing thatthese people also ate freshwater clams.The Archaic People were more This is a selection of spear points and knivesused by Archaic hunters and gatherers.advanced than the Paleoindians. They Graphic (S)moved in groups instead of as individuals.They lived in small villages near rivers.They cooked their food, something the found items made of bone, shells, andPaleoindians did not do. This means they flint at these excavation sites.used fire, an important improvement in Some of the Archaic People buriedthe development of a group of people. their dead in gravel hills left by the gla-Charcoal, which lasts for thousands of ciers. These hills are called kames. Thisyears, was found at their excavated group of Archaic People are known ascampsites, places that were uncovered by Glacial Kame Indians. digging away the earth that covered The Archaic People occupied thisthem. This proves that the Archaic area for more than 6,000 years. TheyPeople had fire. Archaeologists havedisappeared around 1000 B.C.Archaic people began to trade for things they could not find in their own back yard. Copperis not found in Ohio, so the Archaic Indians traded with the people who lived around LakeSuperior to get it. Graphic (T)page 10'