b'shows this as the Virginia MilitaryThe VirginiaDistrict (VMD) . As you have learned, thisMilitary District land was used as payment to militaryveterans from Virginia for their serviceAfter Virginia gave up its claims toduring the American Revolution. Thesethe largest portion of the Northwestlands had been surveyed under an oldTerritory, the state was allowed to keepmethod, not under the Public Lands Actone portion of land. This land wasthat used the federal survey system.between the Little Miami River (on theThe descriptions of each property werewest), the Ohio River (on the south), andoften unclear and even unfair. the Scioto River (on the east and north).In order to actually claim landThe map on this page, graphic (SS)issued by a Virginia military warrant, the following steps had to befollowed in order: 1. The veteran had to send thewarrant (paper) to the personwho was responsible for thesurveying of the VMD. 2. Next a deputy surveyorwould write a general descrip-tion of the land (called anentry).3. The deputy surveyor wouldrun an actual survey. 4. Once the survey wasaccepted, the warrant was sentto the federal government. 5 The federal governmentwould issue a U.S. patent forthat parcel of land. A patent isan official document that givesthe right to own the land to aspecific person or organization. Graphic (SS)page 43'