b'sure, but it is believed that at some point himself. More than 1,800 people sufferedthe letter a in Cleavelands name was the loss of all their worldly goods. So inaccidentally left out. The spelling of the 1792, the state of Connecticut decidedtowns name has been Cleveland ever to help these people. About 500,000since.). Other towns were also started: acres in the Western Reserve were setWarren, Youngstown, Painesville, Canfield, aside for these sufferers. Ravenna, Conneaut, Poland, and Hudson. The area was surveyed in five-mileCleaveland himself eventually went back square townships. Each of those town-to Connecticut and never returned to the ships was divided into fourths (quarters)town that held his name.of 4,000 acres each. Individuals drewBy 1797 all of the Connecticut Land lots (a way of choosing using chance Companys land had been surveyed. like randomly pulling a number from aSettlers bought tracts and moved in. hat) to determine which land they wouldTravelers into Ohio had previously come receive.mainly by way of the Ohio River. Now The Fire Lands, or Sufferers Landsthey could arrive by following water [see graphic (HHH)] were claimed by someroutes from Lake Ontario to the Niagara of these sufferers or their heirs in aRiver to Lake Erie. Even heavy items, like company called the Ohio Corporation.wagons and livestock, could be trans- Today the Fire Lands are located inported from the East by using the larger Erie, Huron, and parts of Ashland andwater routes. Ottawa counties.The Fire Lands The United StatesDuring the American Revolution, the Military DistrictBritish and Tories (Americans who sidedwith the British) invaded the colony of (USMD)Connecticut. They not only attacked, but In 1796 the U.S. Congress set asidethey also burned nine of the towns they a tract of 2.5 million acres to take careinvaded. Benedict Arnold, a well-known of any outstanding military land warrantstraitor, oversaw the burning of one town from the American Revolution (similar tothe Virginia Military District, but notlimited to the residents of only onestate). In this case, warrants (or bounty)had been given according to rank usingFireLandsGraphic (HHH)page 57'