b'The War of 1812 Ohios PartIn spite of the trouble with thewhere, trying to create unity among the natives, Ohio grew. More counties werenatives. He also set up a town near the added as large areas divided. TheTippecanoe River (in Indiana) where largest town in Ohio was Cincinnati, athese tribes would gather and live. prosperous trading place because of itsHarrison kept track of what position on the Ohio River. By 1812, theTecumseh was doing, and Tecumseh was population of Ohio grew to aboutwell-informed about the forceful 240,000.methods Harrison had used to take away The British continued to be alarge chunks of native land. At one point problem to the new United States.Tecumseh even visited Harrison to tell Arguments about northern boundarieshim that what he was doing was wrong. and the irritation of having British-Harrison did not listen or change his manned forts nearby kept the moodways. between the two countries tense. OnIn November 1811, Harrison and the seas, British vessels attackedhis men decided to attack the natives American merchant (trading) ships andat Tippecanoe while Tecumseh was away forced the captured U.S. seamen togathering support in the South. serve on the British naval ships, but toTecumsehs brother, the Prophet, was a Ohioans, the worst issue was theweaker leader and was not as wise and ongoing aid of the British to the nativepatient as Tecumseh. The white army tribes. White settlements would neverset up camp nearby. be safe from attack as long as theThe natives, under the Prophet, British were supplying and encouragingattacked Harrisons army just before the natives attacks.dawn on November 7, 1811. In the The U.S. Congress officiallyBattle of Tippecanoe, many natives declared war on England on June 17,were killed and the rest fled to the 1812. Ohio found itself right in thenorth and west, driven further away middle of things. Governor Meigsfrom their homeland. Harrison had the readied Ohio for involvement in thevillage of Tippecanoe destroyed. When war, organizing a state militia. He, andTecumseh returned a month later, the many others, knew that the British, whoarea was deserted. Tecumseh led his controlled Detroit, would try to takeremaining followers out of Ohio and over the new Michigan Territory,Indiana into Canada, hoping to find pro- Indiana Territory, northwestern Ohio,tection with the British. and part of Lake Erie. page 74'